See who views your instagram profile

see who viewed your private instagram account

If you’re a regular instagram user (and who isn’t nowadays?) you must have wished at some point that you could take a look and find out just who is looking through your posts. As it is right now, the app doesn’t have any way of letting you see who is viewing your instagram posts, unless they let you know or comment on them.

Well, there’s now a solution at hand for everyone that’s looking for an insight into their viewership. This new instagram statistics app will give you an insight into who your audience, their preferences, and habits, thus allowing you to better focus on your target audience, build networks with potential partners, get in touch directly with potential customers, and so much more.

Let’s get into this spanking new tool and explore what it’s all about and just what it can do for you. Check out other instagram tools like instagram private profile viewer here.

Get To Know Your Audience

This application has the capacity to give you accurate and endlessly useful information into just who your customers and viewers are. The advantages of this to a business cannot be overestimated. The instagram tracking app will show you the country locations of your viewers, the average ages of your most frequent viewers, their most frequent logging-on times, which posts they engage with the most, and so much more. You won’t be posting images and hoping for the best anymore, you will be doing so knowing exactly who is viewing them, where from, and when.

Sharpen Your Marketing Efforts

Tracking your instagram statistics can also be a great help in your marketing efforts, and it does this in numerous ways. For one, it can be a great way of figuring out the most effective keywords to use in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts which, as every marketer knows, can be one of the biggest challenges in the online marketplace.

Highly popular brands such as Nike (7.3 million followers) that average roughly 18,000 likes and comments per post realized how useful instagram statistics can be, and are looking into ways of harnessing this massive potential. Understanding social media demographics and habits is a basic requirement for business success in the digital age. Even for you who doesn’t command the numbers Nike does, being able to tailor-make your posts, time them to appear just when your most desired potential clients are logged on, and generally make your instagram presence more interesting, relevant, and engaging for your viewers can give you a considerable edge over your competition. That’s what effective marketing is all about.

Increase The Social Factor of Instagram

Despite its popularity and widespread adoption, instagram still hasn’t implemented its own integrated analytical system and dashboard. This new application plugs that gap. Think of it as a sort of relationship manager. The application can track un-follows and un-likes, show you those that don’t follow you back, track your followers, map out your followers, and so much more.

For the individual who isn’t looking to promote certain products or services and just wants to share with the world, it will give you the confidence to be free in your posts. You can choose to un-follow users who you’d rather didn’t view your posts, get a better idea of who exactly is viewing them, and generally making it a safer, more interesting experience for everyone involved. It makes your social media just a bit more social.

For the business people and service providers, customer relations are an important tool, as they well know. Being able to increase the level of engagement between you and your target market, as we already mentioned earlier. What we didn’t mention is that this new level of engagement can help you link up with the sort of partners and collaborators that can take your operations to the next level. Things get easier in the business world when you can work with partners to your mutual benefit, and instagram tracking can help you find the allies, suppliers, and collaborators you never knew you were looking for.

In Conclusion

All in all,this new instagram tracking application can completely change the way you think of instagram. It’s quite simple and user-friendly, but there’s a dedicated team working round the clock to support users of the application should they encounter any difficulties or if they should have any questions, day or night. Available both on Android and for iPhones, the app promises to help you generate the most eye-catching, engaging, and overall high-quality instagram experience for you and your viewers. Who doesn’t want that?